A 12-week 1:1 Guided Business Expansion & Prosperity Activation Mentorship Program For Intuitive Leaders who are Ready to

Expand Their Businesses with Their Intuitive Genius… 

Because…It’s time to unpack your INTUITIVE GENIUS in your business to create and realize your multiple six-figure soul-led business.

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Your Intuitive Genius is directing YOU to your 6-figure

( and multiple six figure) year in 2019…

But if you’re radically honest with yourself, you carry doubt or confusion on HOW to make this happen starting where you are…

HOW to make this happen without sacrifice, struggle, and inconsistency.

If you’re completely honest with yourself, the internal and external noise in your life is simply overwhelming:

The internal noise makes you doubt how to attract STAR clients that you truly love to work with;

The internal noise makes you doubt if you’re completely READY for your highest contribution and up-leveling the energy of your business;

The internal noise keeps reminding you about all the effort or money (or time) you’ve already spent to learn and grow your business- with no fast results yet; at least not the ones you can show to your partner or loved ones;

And the external noise finds any situation under the sun to remind you:

There are not enough clients who are ready for the work and they can pay you handsomely…

And if there are, they are not recognizing you as their best guide, coach, or healer YET since the way you’re showing up or expressing your work is not fascinating enough;

And the external noise is the voice of  direction-less hustle…

And the voice of  “Promise big results and do crazy things online to get attention“…

And the voice of  “Being the loudest to stand out“…

And the voice of  “no matter what you do, you can’t keep up with all the shiny trends out there“…


Despite all internal and external noises, Your Intuitive Genius is still directing YOU to what is possible for YOU:

Your financial freedom 

And the possibility of becoming YOUR REAL YOU :

Fully free, Fully expressed, & Abundantly realized!


Your Intuitive Genius is directing you to all the powerful experiences that you can facilitate and witness in your clients… only when you finally own your power, your expertise, and your love for the potential of humanity.



If we haven’t met already…

Nina is here…If we haven’t met already, I am a business mentor, an online launch strategist, an abundance ceremonialist, and activator of your Soul’s excellence.  

I work with industry leaders in energy-healing, transformational, and new human consciousness arena to bring their life-changing programs to life.

But…I was not like this before…

In fact, with a completely open G center ( Clue: Human Design) I always struggled with the sense of direction, especially when I was growing up and even after I started my business. I asked from many psychic friends and intuitive coaches about ” What should I do”, “What is that I am supposed to do”. I received insights but it didn’t help till I started to translate the insights into business activities that matter. It only started to shift when I started to translate my intuition and took actions based on them. 

For me, your intuition is the most valuable asset in your business. This will be seen when you focus on three important pillars in the dream-realizing process.

And here are these three pillars:

Everything starts with energy that is why I am in love with manifestation and femifestation rituals. I love to shift your abundance access and your money story.


‘Healing the money story’ is the biggest trap for many healers and coaches who are fascinated by the power of their energy work.

Mastery comes from following the intuitive direction in real life and take inspired action. This is how you can truly trust your intuition and create pleasant outcomes in your business.




Are you good at sales?

Is your marketing converting strangers to raving fans and raving fans to Star Clients?

Be honest!

Most transformational entrepreneur struggle with this…Simply because traditional sales and marketing pathways do not apply to you.

Your business can be shifted when you start fascinating instead of marketing and selling.

And this alone is part of my higher purpose and my contribution to your business: To help you Create to Fascinate; To help you feel good about Fascinating; to help you too feel fascinated about your own work so that you can fully express yourself.




Have you worked on mastering your craft for years but not so many people know about you?

Are you attracting interested people to your business through your online presence every day?

Do you want to know how to increase your first degree of separation so more STAR clients can engage with your work? Do you receive inquiries about your services every day?

Are you ready to meet and finally exceed your LAUNCH GOALS?

Do you want to have a waiting list of highly resonating star clients waiting to work with YOU?

This is what happens when you increase the richness of your first degree of separation so you receive interests and attract your STAR clients through organic reach and without paid advertising or complex setup .




The Intuitive Leader” program is a 12-week 1:1 Guided Business Expansion & Prosperity Activation Mentorship Program for YOU to

Expand your businesses with your Intuitive Genius…


This is a powerful overhaul of  the old mindset that got you stuck in the same income level for months;

This is a powerful shift of the old money story that created feast or famine cycles;

This is a powerful release of “the burnout mind” and healing the “frustrated heart” so that you can finally breathe…



You’ll receive more than $10,000 worth of high-level business coaching and mindset shifts:

  • 12* VIP sessions with me ( Worth: $4800)
  • You will learn my Create to Fascinate method ( only shared with my high-level clients), ( Value: $5000)
  • Exact “Release Techniques” that can help you shed away deepest fears of sales, marketing, and visibility, (Value: $2000)
  • A secret Facebook group where you can message, ask questions, and share your wins 🙂 ( Get ready for celebration).

I’m offering a special package and flexible investment through May 30th, 2019


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