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Start Date: Dec 18th 2017

Awakening is a tough journey!
It also makes you get in touch with a deep feeling of BLISS.
It is just like starting a new life!
You hold a satisfying flame in your chest.
You hold more love towards life, more gratitude, more enthusiasm.

For most people on this path, however, this feeling of deep bliss wavers when it comes to making empowered decisions about MONEY!

Allow me to ask:

Does investing in your business, purchasing a high-priced item, or even paying bills push you into the ‘lack’ mode again and again?
How do you feel about your bank account
and its inflow and outflow of energy?
Is it healthy?
Have you accrued any debt?
Does it make you feel contracted? limited? Not free?
Will ALL YOUR NEEDS be met truly and beautifully?

Sometimes, we go through some really tough years as we build our lives during the awakening process.
We narrow our expenses down to the bone (and I am happy I learned that skill!).

And that makes an energetic habit down the rabbit hole of ‘I can’t do it‘, ‘Shouldn’t do it‘, ‘I don’t have the money‘, ‘It will stretch me too thin‘.

Chances are, You’re just like me:

You DO believe in an abundant universe.
You do believe that you can create your desired lifestyle and business flow.

However, your daily experience with money, resources, and opportunities are still not as expanded and exciting as they can be.

It is like you MONEY ENERGY is not awakened yet!

It is lagging behind all other awakened and energized aspects of YOU!

That’s not the whole story of THE MONEY ENERGY though!
What’s running the show for the MONEY ENERGY is actually DEEPER than that!

There is centuries-old programming of LACK, POVERTY, and CONTROL by religious constructs.
This is exactly where we start the PROSPERITY ACTIVATION experience!

There is also victimhood programmings, playing small, and struggle to survive imprints.

Clearing them is our next step in the PROSPERITY ACTIVATION  experience.

Trapped emotions around money, anyone?

Have you ever felt sadness for the loss of an income or resources?
Have you (or your ancestors) felt resentful around money?
Anger for not having enough?
Does money make you feel powerful? Does that scare you?
Do you know all those emotions create imprints on your DNA and your cellular memory?
That’s why we let them all go as our next step in the PROSPERITY ACTIVATION  experience.

Now, see this:

Have you ever felt disappointed about not making things happen?
Have you ever made wrong choices around money?
Does your feminine energy really trust your masculine energy in taking actions?

What about activating your MONEY CODE or WORTHINESS?


What about activating your giving and receiving channels?
What about connecting deeper to your best supporter in all of your manifestation projects a.k.a mother earth?

Here is the plan for our PROSPERITY ACTIVATION journey together:

First Milestone : Melting down the old structures around lack, limitations, handling money, generating money, and unknowingness when it comes to money. Our mind spends a lot of energy dealing with money issues every day. By connecting to the Zero point and activating your unique communion with the Central Sun and great Central Sun, we are able to melt away 100s of belief systems, limiting identifications, and roadblocks. Activations assist us to melt away any resistance to your natural state which is of abundance.

Dates: December 18th, December 21st, January 4th, Jan 8, Jan 11, Jan 15, Jan 18, Jan 22, Jan 25 (Monday and Thursday of every week)

The second milestone: Activating your business flame. Deepest satisfaction comes by sharing your energy with the universe in the most effective and natural way which is your ‘unique business flame’. The blueprint of your business has been designed before your reincarnation. However, following the path of highest contribution or ‘your unique business flame’ doesn’t come easy. There are layers after layers of shedding of identities that are stopping us to create from the place of worthiness. We shed away layers of SHYNESS, HIDING, FEAR FOR RESPONSIBILITY, FEAR OF SHOWING UP, FEAR OF GUIDING, FEAR OF BEING THE MOST ABUNDANT PERSON WHOM YOU KNOW, and many many false constructs.

The third milestone: The art of manifestation in the physical form. There are few techniques that I’d love to share. However, the focus of this stage of our journey is to become a better custodian of WORTHINESS energy, so that you can become a master in manifestation and synchronicity.

The program is delivered through Live Calls on Monday and Thursdays of every week: Jan 29th, Feb 1st, Feb 5th, Feb 8th, Feb 12, Feb 15, Feb 19, Feb 22, Feb 26.


Let’s release anything that doesn’t serve you on your journey anymore…

A beautiful testimonial from Nadia who participated in the last (and short) round of this experience:


I’m Nina Modaresi, business SEER and your 5d potential ACTIVATOR!

I help master creators and way showers CREATE, LAUNCH, and SHARE their HEART WORK with humanity!

There is something undeniably fulfilling when you join this immersion experience that we’re going to embark together:

First, is the joy of healing the scars of limiting belief systems that you might have accepted as TRUTH!

Let’s say SAYONARA to all that!

If this is not ENOUGH, let’s talk about the second one:

The second one is the spaciousness that comes from accepting your power as a master creator; accepting success in every cell of your BEING. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?

Yes Nina, No more waiting!


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Being prosperous is your default blueprint.
Let’s release anything that doesn’t serve you on your journey anymore.
Let’s restore your default blueprint of prosperity!

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