For Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs-to-be, and Ambitious Creators

Because you’re meant to create consistent & abundant income with your higher purpose

July 8th ~ July 11th, 12 p.m e.t: 4 Live Activation calls

Join me in a 4-part online experience where we release the Inferiority Complex and we choose the Sovereign Money!

You’re invited to join the live calls for FREE.

The full package ( 8 * Sovereign Money Recordings)  is available for purchase!

Our Money Consciousness has been formed based on the Inferiority Complex:

Limitations, Attachments, AversionsFear.

And…The ever perpetuated energy of LACK.

Are you ready to expand the old boundaries and expand your capacity to create greater financial freedom?

Are you ready for money breakthroughs?

Are you ready to bridge your current financial reality  and  where you want to be- fast?

Since 2016, I’ve been running prosperity circles with the use of ascension activations, powerful mindset processes, and manifestation/femifestation techniques.  

Every circle was different. Our participants experienced great results: Manifesting a new house, clients, and even 2600% increase in income. 

 This upcoming experience is unique since it is a process of deconstruction and choosing the sovereign money as your co-creator in your higher purpose ( and your life).

That’s why I’m offering a free pass and I’m inviting you to join the live calls to experience Sovereign Money first hand…

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You’ll receive invitation to the live calls.

Option 2>

Access to the live calls plus the Sovereign Money Package

( 8 additional Release Techniques and Integrations)

Early Bird offer: $288

Early invitation: $88 USD

You’ll receive the Sovereign Money package so that you can meet and surpass your Financial Goals every single time!

These 8 Releases will be shared starting  July 8th!

Due to using sacred energies, all sales are final.