Hey Stars...
The next round of Business Genius Accelerator starts on January 21st, 2021. Yay!
 Super early bird will be available through Dec 12, 2020.

Let's Learn "Human Design" as
a Pattern-recognition Coaching tool,

Tap into your Own Genius Design, 
 and Run a successful Coaching business by bringing deep transformations to Your clients- based on their designs!

Hello  Rising  Star! 

Chances are you have checked your Human Design and you're wondering how you can benefit from your Design

to THRIVE in life and in your online business.

Perhaps, you have received readings,

or you have listened to a few podcasts about Human Design,

or participated in learning opportunities about Human Design.

After diving deep into Human Design through Ra's original teaching/transmission,

I discovered that learning the foundational of Human Design knowledge not only helps you

to discover about your own design

but also assist you to understand and guide your clients better.

On top of that, it can be a great navigational tool to expand your online business!

Business Genius Accelerator program is a daily learning & hands-on  implementation training.

We go through different aspects of Human Design as a coaching and pattern recognition tool. 

 We do this together through:

Tapping into your Genius and bringing your Genius to your offerings, programs, and services,

Having a clear understanding of how your Design contribute to your business,

Tapping into Human Design Knowledge to guide your clients based on their designs,

Gaining confidence by doing sample readings during BGA,

Attracting Star Clients that you love to work with,

And trusting your business- financially!

Specifically, we will talk about:

We'll also navigate

Human Design as a Pattern Recognition System

You'll be able to study your own design and read the designs of your Star clients


Learning what I learned about Human Design in the last 3 years of intense studies

in 4 weeks!


Being able to guide clients based on how they're designed!


Not doubting yourself while offering Human Design readings to clients...

Learning Human Design as a Pattern Recognition Coaching Tool:

I've designed this 4-week daily learning experience where you can read, navigate, and grasp a Human Design chart as a coaching tool that you can bring in your coaching business.

Week 1: 

Encoded Messages in Design

Even if you're very new to Human Design, you can start navigating the encoded messages in your own design and the design of others. 

In this week, we will navigate these encoded messages, activations, &wisdom.  

This process will save you many months of self-studies and help you have a core understanding of Human Design energies like an advanced analyst.

You will also see your own influential energies that you can use as a form of confirmation, alignment, branding, or messaging in your business.

Week  2: 

Navigating The Major Identifiers

With the foundation that we build on week one, then it will be so much easier to navigate aura type, authorities, Profile, and the Incarnation Crosses -for yourself and your ideal star clients.  

Week 3: 

Navigating Energy Flows in Design

It is not enough to understand the gates or channels. My aim here is to help you read the energy flows for different charts. This is a synthesis of 8-9 energy flows that I have gathered throughout the last 3 years of advanced studies. You'll see how these energy flows will help navigate charts so much easier!



Understanding Your Star Clients

through your Design + Submitting sample readings

Having a tidbit of info and insight here about design is great but you can go beyond that. This week, we will navigate how to put together the storylines to offer coherent reading for yourself and others.

Special Bonuses for the Immersion Stars:

1. One Private 90-120 min 1-1 coaching session:

We can use this session to go through your design as well as your business so you have a clear plan for participating inside the accelerator.

2. Access to the Guided Imagery Series:

A set of metaphysical guided imagery series that can help you access & reframe the insecurities in your client attraction process as well as energizing your creation & launch process.

3. An opportunity to get interviewed on my upcoming podcast/or IG tv to share your Genius!

The bonuses worth more than the actual investment in BGA.

Yes Nina! I'm ready for the next step of my business AND be part of BGA. YAY!

Special offering: Join BGA via One time payment of $1500:

 $1111 USD

Special Bonus: You will also receive a mystery package via mail when you join with the full payment. oh! yay!


You can join via super flexible payment plan:

$199 every 2 weeks for 6 cycles 

PS: If you need any other payment plan, please dm me! 

Do you want to be my Rising Genius Star?

Do you feel like you need more than a group setting to master Human Design reading and expand your business at the same time?

In addition of group option, I'm opening two private spots for 3-month  high-level business coaching. 

You will be part of BGA, receive all the perks, and get to work with me privately on your business for 3 months. 

To know if this option fits your intentions, let's chat!

Nina, what's the structure of this program?

Daily LIVE teachings:

We will have daily learning opportunity where we navigate different aspects of Human Design as a coaching and pattern recognition tool. We will navigate many sample charts and bring your own sample reading charts to our calls. This is delivered in a LIVE format; so you can be present and engage in the group process.

Coaching calls:

There will be two coaching calls per week for 4 weeks: Mondays & Thursdays. The purpose of these calls is to support you in your business, aligning your business to your own Genius, and navigating how you can add Human Design as a high-level coaching tool. 


Yay! Our first group session will start on January 21st .As an early bird, you receive a private session with me, where we go through your business, your business model, and your Human Design.  

You can also receive the recordings from the last round of this program if you can't wait till the group is started. 

 The program lasts for 4 weeks.