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Launching is the Most Profitable Skill to Master in

Your Intuitive Coaching, Healing, and Transformational business.

Join Me and a Group of Ambitious Tranformational Leaders & Lodestars

for a Radical 6-week Business Building Experience Where You

Create and Launch 

Your Best Coaching/Healing Programs that Matter and Sell!

Precious one,

That idea that you have for your next service, a possible coaching program, your powerful online Academy/School has crossed your path and it is there for a reason… 

It has asked for your attention and your devotion.

It is a sacred call from souls all around the world who are calling you to show up and share your gifts.

Without you owning your Soul Genius, they will continue to struggle.

With YOU claiming your position and sharing your work through Sacred Offerings that matter and sell, many lives can be changed, including your OWN!

Nothing serves your entrepreneurial ambitions more than a RITUAL that you can implement every time to bring your ideas into manifestation and share the excellence of your SOULs with the heart of those who NEED your services THE MOST.

In 2019, Our Launch Masters will






NEW Energetic 


A Personal Letter from Nina Modaresi:

Have you ever wondered why many other coaches and healers are able to easily ground their ‘Divine Downloads‘, LAUNCH  their programs, powerfully express their work, and attract their Star Clients? ( and it feels easy?)

You know WHAT you can possibly offer in your tranformational business but every time you’re asked,’who is your ideal client?’ you cringe ( and your soul screams?).

You have seen others talk about aligned and irresistible offers. You, too,  have few ideas for your programs but there is still a loud voice inside of you asking: “Do people pay good bucks for THIS?”. 

You see other practitioners, coaches, and healers are getting momentum & recognition but you feel blocked every time you want to express yourself?

Are you trying to attract clients so hard  that you have forgotten to build important business assets: Deep clarity about your Soul’s work, showcasing your activating medicine, and expressing highly-resonating content to your ideal clients? 

Are you still waiting to finish another certification & master another technique to gain confidence so you give permission to yourself to be out there and be known for something?

If so, I’ve something to share with you that can be a turning point for your Soul’s work…


The truth is: It is so common for coaches, healers, and transformational entrepreneurs to experience “low turnout program launches”, to stuck in overwhelm cycles, and to second guess their worth and the work that they put their whole heart into.

Having worked with so many coaches & spiritual entrepreneurs, I see through the underlying thought processes that are stopping you to fully ground your business ideas, express your work, inspire your star clients, and build a really profitable income from this work- no matter how many times you’ve tried before or even if you’ve just started to commit yourself to this work!


Here are three areas that are our focus during the LAUNCH MASTERY Pod: 


Your Medicine is What You’re Born to Share. It’s Your Money-maker.

 Your Medicine is important because it heals the WOUNDS.

 I’m not talking about a bullet point list of what your ideal client is going thru. Pain points are not enough for Star Clients to take action or to commit or to invest in your services. 

If you’re not able to connect to the Sacred WOUNDs by expressing your MEDICINE, your offers will appear like a luxury purchase-Even if you’re selling it for pennies. 

But, How can you know your Medicine or the Sacred Wound you’re here to heal?

All Launch Masters receive Level I & II of “Activating your Genius Design“. It is a comprehensive report that gives you insights to connect to the voice of your Medicine and the voice of the Sacred Wound.




Creating offerings that create massive transformation, miracles, and life-changing shifts is a form of ART.

This ART has created blockbusters programs, sold-out offers, and high-referral rate programs.

An activating offer is not a session or a package of sessions.

In fact, selling sessions or selling a 4-week, 6-week, 12 week package have led to a common paradigm in the coaching industry: Starving coaches. Let’s release that and let’s learn the art of creating your activating offers that sell.



Who is your Star Client?

How can you authentically express yourself so that you can easily attract your Star clients? How can your online presence become highly-resonating for your Star clients so that they can see you amid all the noise in the onlinehood?

It is possible for you!

This is exactly why we focus fully on these 3 pillars of your business in LAUNCH MASTERY POD:

Here is our plan for LAUNCH MASTERY Pod 6.0:

We start the LAUNCH MASTERY POD 6.0 with two* 70 min VIP biz planning session with me where we map out your creations for the next 90 days. ($250 Value)

>>>These two session alone worth more than the total investment in the Pod as you will be able to connect to the excellence of your Design and get a clear scope of your aligned offers for the next 90 days.

As a shepherd of divine ideas, you will be able to get clear about your offers, so you ground these offers and bring them into manifestation in the Pod 6.0.
Then, you’re ready to join the Launch Mastery Pod 6.0 which is a group of dynamic entrepreneurs, just like you, who are ready to expand and push their earthly limits and finally allow themselves and their gifts to be seen and discovered by their star clients.

Here is the plan for ALL Launch Masters in pod 6.0:

Sacred Group Session #1 We delve into The art of ‘RESONANCE’ & how to create ‘activating content’.

Sacred Group Session #2 Your unique framework and the art of ‘TRANSFORMATION mapping’.

Sacred Group Session #3 The art of ‘Packaging and Offer Creation’.

VIP session #3 This is another private 45 min session, we map out your LAUNCH plan for your new creations.

Sacred Group Session #4 Launching is not what you do once in a while. Launching is what you do on a daily basis. How and in what ways ‘Different rounds of LAUNCH’ are created and how you can benefit from different rounds of launching.

Sacred Group Session #5 In this session, we work on BLUE OCEAN strategies that you can benefit while creating and launching your offers.

Sacred Group Session #6 Our celebration session with intuitive suggestions including client attraction and sales strategies that you can benefit in the next 90 days.  

Few important add-ons that you rarely see in any group program ( More than $800 in extra value):   


  • Activation Level I & II of the genius of your design( Value: $497)
  •  A 5-part energetic exercises for creating energetic containers for your programs and attracting your Star clients ( Value: $97)
  • Two Additional check-in during the pod ( $222).


There is something undeniably fulfilling when you join the Launch Mastery Pod experience that we’re going to embark together:
It is the joy of mastering the ritual of LAUNCHING your business ideas during the POD and beyond.
Are you ready for this?

The intention behind LAUNCH MASTERY POD  is to help you implement and embody the launching RITUAL.   
This is NOT a program where  you just learn few step by step techniques.   
This is NOT a basic course about LAUNCHING!   
There is an opportunity for you to REALIZE your ambitious intentions.
This is an opportunity to FEEL at peace with your marketing and your LAUNCHING process.   
Once you master the process of ‘sharing your work with your soul clients a.k.a LAUNCHING’, you will experience DIVINE DISCONTENTMENT less and less.
This divine discontentment comes from going in circles in your business with no grounding results.   
Are you ready to experience deep satisfaction that comes from business expansion?

There are two ways to join the Launch Mastery Pod:

Launch Masters’ Pathway:

$1500 USD

One Payment of $1200 USD

or Three monthly payments of $437 USD.

Click here to join through this plan >>>

 VIP Pathway:

You will receive  activation Level II  of your Genius Design with Nina as well as 3*30 business coaching/launch sessions that can be scheduled in the next 90 days.

$2500 USD

$1997 USD

or Four monthly payments of $535 USD.

Click here to join through this plan >>>

Few As to Your Qs:

Q: Hey …Nina….Is Launch Mastery an incubator program or an accelerator program?

Launch Mastery is designed to be 60% as an incubator and 40% as an accelerator.

The intention is to help you build your own LAUNCH process so that you can successfully incubate and ground your best offers into containers of transformation for your star clients.

They are waiting for you! Will you show up for them?

Q: Is Launch Mastery about teaching me ‘how to launch my offers’? I have already launched few offers in the past…

Launch Mastery is an experience to find your process of launching. If you have launched your offers before, that’s awesome!

How you can benefit from this experience is a new level of approaching your marketing and actually going through the launch with us: the LAUNCH MASTERS…Launching your offers is a lonely process! Why not do it in an inspiriting and supporting environment?

Q: Hey…Nina …I am still in the early stage of my coaching and healing business and I don’t know if I can benefit 100% from the program and actually LAUNCH something during the Pod!

The process that we will go through in LM pod  has been creating crystal clarity for LAUNCH MASTERS. There is no need to stay frozen or stay at ‘start-up’ mode forever. During the Pod, you will be able to connect to your clear vision for your business, your offers, and your true fans.

Q: I have been part of business group programs and I found that I didn’t follow along the group. I hesitate to join another group experience and not do anything with the program!!

Even though, technically Launch Mastery is a group experience, but you will have three VIP sessions with me and  weekly check-ins. It is so easy to follow along and customize this experience for your own business goals.

Q: I would love to talk with you about my biz. Is there anyway to have a convo before joining the POD?

Yes! In fact, the only way to join the program is that we chat first. I’m offering free 30min discovery call to see if LM is exactly what you need.If you’re so ready to join Launch Mastery and build and expand your business, please message me on Facebook and schedule a 30min discovery call. 

Q: How do YOU serve me in LAUNCH MASTERY program, pod?   

In human design, I’m an INITIATOR… I have an inherent power to initiate/launch.    

A large number of innovations can be traced back to this ‘essence’.

Are you ready to launch your ‘innovations in consciousness’ for your clients?   

When it comes to ‘LAUNCHING’, this is the spark that can help you to LAUNCH your business ideas. People have been able to trust their path and launch their ideas within 10 min of talking with me. Not that you can’t do it by yourself ( of course, you can!!), but this is an additional spark that helps you move forward.      

I’m an ACHIEVER…I have an intuitive gift to assess costs and benefits and help you adjust the efforts made to the possible result.     

With my REGULATOR energy, I help you release unfruitful activities and focus on what matters the most!      

I’m a COMMUNICATOR… I assist you to propose your ideas and concepts for solving difficult situations. This information can change society. I’m interested to help you create far-reaching and universal solutions.    

My Human Design mission can assist Transformational Leaders and their businesses in the following way:   

I have the great gift of the energy to listen and the energy to communicate. I carry the energy to be attentive to others as they speak and then are able to eloquently communicate what has been told. The effect of what I say has the potential to change society fundamentally and spread throughout the world as a well-founded solution.

Is Launch Mastery RIGHT for you? Schedule a quick session with Nina to see if this is exactly what you need: