Hey Stars...
Business Genius Retreat starts on Monday, November 30th, 2020. Yay!

Monday, November 30 ~ Friday, Dec 4th, 2020
Calls are at 12 p.m. Eastern time.

A mutative week of high-value business coaching, so that you can:

Create your "Genius Coaching Offer",
Nail down your "Genius Message",
and Kick the sneakiest self-defeating argument to the curb, 
and ... attract your Star clients before the end of 2020!

Hello  Rising  Star! 

Are you ready to attract Star clients before the end of the year?

I'm inviting to a mutative week of clarity, alignment, and business growth; 

I'm inviting you to an online retreat that you can join from the comfort of your home: 

Me, You, and a group of Ambitious Stars.

We will have 5 live gatherings and micro conversations inside this experience that will lead you to aha-moments, so that you can leave the current 'comfort shelter' and step into the path of growth that is already available to you. 

In Business Genius Retreat, you will receive:

1) Five energetic creation process to connect to your Genius Offer and release contractions that you hold about your offerings. 

2) Getting clear about the Value of your offers and how to showcase the value.

3) How to disrupt your niche with Value.

4) Emotional penetration with content

5) How to recognize your star clients and your message from your Human Design.*

*This can be done for a few hotseats that I do during this week-long retreat.

If we haven't met already:

I remember the time when I left my first Sales job at the age of 25. 

This sales job was a fun and stretching experience and I was able to sell over $1m worth of products and services. 

But this is not the whole story. 

After I left, the same product/service line that I launched, continued to sell many more millions within a few months- with ease!

This is what I call, 'A Genius offer': An offer that solves an actual problem; an offer that people perceive the value of it right away.

If you're a coach, a healer, or an online service provider, you might have tried to create Genius offerings before. 

People call it the Irresistible offer; the program that sells itself. 

Chances are you have had some success stories about your programs and services till this date. 

But ...What's more? What's possible for you? 

What can you offer right now that your Star clients value THE most?

What can you offer right now that catapults you to the next-level of your business growth?

How can you express your offer with a Genius message that people actually perceive the value behind your coaching?

What I'm specifically looking forward to share within this online retreat is clarity around your Genius Offer and Genius Message.

If you have never been part of my group containers, you'll have an interesting experience because even though this is a group retreat, I offer alignment, clarity, and strategy to every single participant. 

Intimacy is the core of my brand. 

It is like having me for the entire week, so you can create the foundation that you need for the next-level  and start co-creating it- right away!

Value: $1500!!! 

I can't imagine why I'm doing this for only $37. 

This retreat shaped itself beautifully and is calling you to join us! Are you one of my Stars in Business Genius Retreat?

Yes, Nina! I'm ready to join & participate in this Business Genius Retreat.

- and I'm ready to experience alignment, clarity, and the initiation of my next-step.

Option 1: Join us in Business Genius Retreat:



Option 2: Get a Human Design reading+ Business Coaching Session and participate in BGR for FREE!