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Activate the Genius of your design,

  Fully connect to & Embrace your higher purpose, 

    Discover your personal mythology,

Connect to your “influencer” orbit,

 cultivate jedi-mastery awareness about your energy,

   create more without fatigue & overwhelm,

   Discover your profit-Generating energies in your business,

    and re-align your business to the excellence of your design


Activations I, II, III 










Regardless of outer circumstances, every single human being has something hidden inside them. The sole purpose of this work is to bring the beauty forth- to unveil your incandescence, the eternal spark of genius that sets you apart from everyone else- Richard Rudd

Say ‘NO’ to the Mediocrity Path and Let’s Activate the Excellence of Your Design:

Activation I, II, and III sessions are about discovering your Design Genius and re-aligning your business ( and your expression) to energetic of your Genius Design…


Deciphering Your Human Design Profile: 


  • Understanding of Your Strategy & Authority and how to use it in your business/marketing,
  • Understanding your profile and your projection/attraction field,
  • Understanding your major roles, 
  • Understanding of defined/undefined centers and how they’re affecting your use of life force energy,
  • Understanding your incarnation cross (Your higher purpose) 
  • How to use this info in your copy, sales messages, and your expression.
  • How to use this info to identify and connect to the sacred wounds of your Star Clients.
  • A Precious Confirmation about your vocation, your life’s work, and the challenges that you’re here to solve for others.

Deciphering Your Hologenetic Profile: 

Your Hologenetic profile is a deeply personal voyage thru the Gene Keys.  Certain sequences of Gene Keys imprinted at your birth unlock doorways of awakening inside you, and as you contemplate them and apply their teachings to your business/career, you may feel a new spirit coming alive in you. In Activation Level I & II, we will go through:

  •  In depth overview of “The Activation Sequence”: Discovering your Genius Through the Four Prime Gifts.

Advanced Deciphering of Your Hologenetic Profile: 

  • Optional: POWERFUL Vibrational WORDS that you can use in your marketing and expression.

Advanced Deciphering of Your Human Design Profile: 

  • Understanding your brain circuitry.
  • Advanced info about your unique way of creation 
  • High-level business strategies to integrate your design in your business.

There are three pathways for activations i,ii, iii:

In the Genius Ceo pathway, we focus on the aspects of design that can help bring your genius design to the forefront of your business.

We go through the individual channels and creative streams related to your business.

We connect to your personal mythology.

We see the gaps and the inferiority complex in your design.

In the Profit energies pathway, we look at your encoded messages and all the profit energies that you can benefit from in your business.

If you are an online service provider, looking at your design with the perspective of your influencer’s orbit can offer you practical insights to expand your influencer’s orbit.


Yes, Nina! I am Ready for Activation Level I & II & III!

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This is delivered in three private sessions ( one week apart ) plus PDF report and audio files for further contemplation:

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Here are some ‘A’s to your ‘Q’s:

Q: Hey Nina! All these charts and weird shapes sound complicated. Will I be able to understand the insights and actually USE it in my daily life ( Dare I add in my business?)

A: Yes, absolutely! Both Human Design & Gene Keys provide accurate insights about how you energetically use your life force. The insights that you receive are so YOU that you feel you’re described to a Tee; that you feel you have found rooms in your house that you have never thought existed. Hello! Spaciousness!  These sessions are filled with ‘aha-moments’ and ‘oh!yes! That’s me’ moments. These charts and info are not separate from YOU! This is how your vehicle is designed. Are you ready to discover your design?

Q: Nina! Why there are different levels of activations ( i.e Level I, II, III)? 

A: This is not an instant gratification process. Mastering your design requires your active participation and experimentation. There is at least one week integration gap between our sessions and you will be given exercises to make sense of your design. Level III is focused on using your strategy & energy authority to create more abundance in your life.

These sessions are filled with practical info about nailing down your ideal clients, understanding your energy and your message, and the best way to attract your Star clients based on your energy.

Q: Nina! What has been your experience in using this body of work?

A: oh, so many unfolding! To start with, I focus exclusively on insights that are related to your life’s work, your higher purpose, and confirmation that is needed for you to receive to trust your business ideas and powerfully market your work.

This will assist you release self-doubt and confusion about ‘what you’re supposed to fulfill’, ‘what problems you’re here to solve’.

You will also discover what are the real reasons that you experience burn-out in your business or creative endeavor. Burn-out moments or feeling ‘overwhelmed‘ in your business are two major issues gripping your creative power. In fact, learning about your strategy and authority will help you make better business decisions, manifest easier, and connect to your ideal clients better. 

You will get in touch with deepest fears stopping you to create & manifest.  The sneakiest patterns about ‘not knowing your worth’, ‘not being able to claim what you want’, ‘ taking your gifts for granted’ will come to surface and you can simply release these voices -no matter how many times you have tried before!


Q: Nina! What is your design and how are you different than other HD readers?

A: This is not solely about Human Design Reading or Gene Keys reading. This is about delving deeper into your design, so you can use it in your business, unravel powerful directions in your higher purpose, attract your clients and customers with so much ease, and re-align your business/higher purpose to your Genius Design.

This is about getting in touch with deeper levels of your personal mythology so you won’t doubt your decisions, business directions, or your ideas anymore because you’ve a map that helps you get thru doubt, confusion, and not-self energies.

If you have already received readings from analysts, we go deeper tapping into your Design Genius.  

I’m a manifestor, on 5/1 of LAx of Informing which briefly translates to informing you about new insights, understandings, pathways through practical solutions. 


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Hi! Nina is here!

If we haven’t met already, I am a business mentor, an online launch strategist, an abundance ceremonialist, and activator of your Soul’s excellence.  

This work is for you is you are divinely curious about ‘energy’ & ‘ the power of your mind’ to create your reality. If you know deep down that you’re created for excellence and you’re ready to say ‘no’ to mediocrity-living.

I work with industry leaders in energy-healing, transformational, and new human consciousness arena and I can share from personal experience that your potential can not be achieved without knowing the potency of your design. 

Join me in this wild ride of accessing your potential. I hope to see you and assist you soon!