You're Invited:

Join me and an intimate group of ambitious Lodestars 
for a 6-week of

Business Expansion & Client Attraction

 in Alignment with Your Genius Human Design

The next round of LAUNCH BY DESIGN will start on June 2020

Finally Get Clear on Your Next-level Aligned Offerings,
Discover the most Aligned business model based on your Genius Design,
Create "Activating Content" that attracts your Star clients,
Build Your "Star Positioning" in your micro niche based on your Genius Design,
Expand your online presence as a STAR Leader, 
 and Attract all of your Star clients based on how you’re designed,
- not another cookie-cutter marketing!

Hello  Rising  Star! 

Perhaps you've checked your Human Design just recently,


You might have received a few reading sessions by analysts,


You might have studied and entered the experiment for some time now...

Allow me to ask:

How can you benefit from your Genius Design to:

Deeply understand your Genius, Wisdom, and your unique contribution ?

Discover your Ideal Star clients based on your own configurations?

Create Encoded & Activating content to attract your Stars in this noisy online world?

Break through the limitations of "where you are now in" business?

Build your online communities ( community=cash) based on your own unique Genius Design?

And... Find your own marketing groove that brings $$$ everyday- without consistent hustle or burnout?

Accelerated Client Attraction program is the most thought-after container that I have ever created with updated marketing and client attraction techniques that can help you expand your business while we're in this group experience.

This is not another program or course that will stay in the grooveyard folder of "online courses" on your computer.

This is a hands-on implementation experience where you actually tap into your Genius, shape your offers, and launch your programs. 

This is a mutative container where you have many chances to initiate, respond, get recognized, and mutate others through your Genius.

Specifically, we will talk about:

Your next-level offering(s) is not just another program ... 

Your next-level offering requires you to break your current shell and expand your horizon on what is possible. It is magnetic. It is specific. It is mutative. 

We will work on your signature group experience ( as well as your 1-1 program). We will also navigate possible business models based on your Genius design.

Remember: Wobbly containers ( programs) create wobbly launches. 

Are you ready to build a robust online brand as a coach or a solution provider without spending so much time on social media? 

This is possible with activating content and organic client attraction. Content alone is not enough to build your Star brand: We increase your relevancy to your star clients through activating content. You will also learn how to create more intimacy with your Star clients that are ready for your work and pay you handsomely for your services!

Client Attraction and Program Launching methods have been changed over the last year alone. I'll share about the most effective social selling and launching methods that you can use; especially if you're attracting clients organically!

Organic client attraction doesn't have to be inconsistent. You can see the numbers you want to see in your business if you experiment with social selling techinques. 

My clients have used these techniques to create 6 figure launches and 5-figure months from scratch. 

Accelerated Client Attraction by design is a

 6-week group experience: 

This includes Six business coaching & execution calls and 

FIVE Human Design teaching calls

as well as coaching inside our private Facebook group

 throughout the experience... ( Value: $5000)

Business strategy calls will be on Mondays and Human Design teachings will be happening on Thursdays of each week. (TBA)

Nina, What kind of "Human Design" topics do we discus inside the Accelerated Client Attraction?

Genius Design Session 1: 

Encoded Messages 

( Wisdom Vs. Activations in your chart)

Did you know that there are Encoded Messages  in your Design that you can tap into as your influential messages that can be shared to attract your Star Clients?

In this group session, we go through the profit energies in your Human Design and we discuss the major difference between " Activation" Vs "Wisdom" in your design.

Genius Design Session 2: 

Understanding your  "Purpose" through connecting to your Incarnation Cross

Incarnation Cross is an important sequence in your design that can give you insights about your purpose and fulfillment of your purpose. This is an advanced discussion about your incarnation cross beyond the typical one paragraph information that is shared online about crosses. 

Genius Design Session 3: 

Specific calls for each Aura type

We will have different calls for each Aura types: Manifestors, Projectors, Generators, and manifesting Generators. So you can observe the aura mechanics and connect deeper to your strategy/Authority and benefit from these insights to grow your business.

Genius Design Session 4:

 Understanding your Star clients through understanding your Profile

Wow..Profiles...One of the most interesting topics in your design. 

But what most people don't understand about profiles is that it offers you detailed information about your Star clients , your fractals. We will discuss harmony and resonance based on profiles in human design. This is a topic that is more advanced in Human Design teachings.

Genius Design Session 5: 

Building your community based on your Genius Design

We hear it everyday, "community=cash". 

Did you know that you can discover the way you can build your online communities based on your Genius Design? During this call, we go through a few aspects of "Influencer's Orbit" analysis that I do in my advanced Human Design readings. So, you can see and trace your relationship to your audience and you can nurture them with your authentic online presence. 



1. One Private 90 min 1-1 coaching session (Value: $300 usd)

Where we discuss your next-level offering, Human Design, and/or your program launch map ...

2. Two Guided Imageries to energize your offering and magnetize your Star clients/opportunities.

Option 1: Join the Accelerated Client Attraction Group Experience

Group Experience:

Option 2: VIP option 

Group Experience + VIP sessions

If you have been part of my Launch Mastery Program, please reach out for a special offer!