I'm a Fan of Stars...
You're one of them!

Nina is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Client Attraction Specialist for talented coaches, online service providers, and personal brands/Influencers. 

 She connects you to your multifaceted Genius so that you can realize your higher purpose through creating and launching online programs and coaching services that can activate and fascinate your Star clients.

 Her “Active Intuition” method is a potent tool for visionaries, intuitive, and transformational entrepreneurs to release the Inferiority complex, step into Soul/Self Leadership, and realize their most ambitious business dreams. 

Many lives can be changed, including your own.

My 3 frameworks for
Clarity, Alignment, and Expansion:

Activate your Genius

This is a deeply personal Voyage through your Gene Keys and Human Design. 

Activate Your Genius allows you to understand your prime gifts, encoded message, and your mutative influential energies that you can bring to the market place. 

With Activations i, ii, and iii, we bring your influential energies to the forefront of your business. 

This is an advanced method of self-leadership for prolific creators who can't continue living and creating from mediocrity.

Active Intuition

No million-dollar strategy can actually work if you're not in alignment with the right mindset and energy set.

Active Intuition is a self-directed, self-discernment method where you can tune into where you're not aligned to your intentions; what self-limiting structure is repeating itself, and how you can pass through this structure through release techniques.

Active intuition is the result of my 10 years experience with different manifesting methods in business and healing the subconscious and old programmings. 

Accelerated Client Attraction

I'm a practitioner of marketing, client attraction, and launching

Everyday, my clients and I experiment with different client attraction methods that are aligned with their design. 

Client attraction in 2020 is so different than what we used to do a decade ago. Social Selling is a big part of the ACCELERATED CLIENT ATTRACTION where you receive guidance and strategy to actually connect and attract your Star clients on social media platforms. 

Accelerated is mainly focused on organic lead generation, lead nurturing, and attraction on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Some Client's LOVE: