Ready to Run Your Business from the Excellence of Your Soul?

In 3D earth, I was a sales engineer and had a “normal life”.

I sold over $1m worth of products and projects.

Then I got my MBA.

Then I went through a dark night of the soul and then another one and then another one.

Then I got bored and retired myself from the mediocre living.

In the New earth, I am the mother dragon of Creation and Launching.

I wake up with the fire, the flame of creation in my heart.

I allow my seership to see your Soul’s Excellence.

I help you to see it, feel it in your bones, and create your highest contribution from that excellence.

This can turn into a crystal clear vision of why your business exists in the first place.

This can help you bust through everything and all things that impede your self-expression because your self-expression is the fuel of the business of your Soul.

This can turn into creating offerings that ignite the deepest part of your Soul when you share them with your audience.

This can turn into attracting clients who need your work the MOST.

This can turn into a business that matters and thrives financially.

This can turn your passion for ascension, healing, and coaching into a lucrative business that supports you, your family, and your new life style.

But …How?

  • Energy Practices that actually bring growth to your system as a creator.
  • Nailing down your soul-mate clients.
  • Crafting your fully-expressed message.
  • Creating offerings that sell themselves.
  • Launch Strategies that actually work.
  • Activating Your Soul Excellence through your Gene Keys, Human Design, and Ascension Activations.