Are you a RISING Business Star?

Looking to work with a business mentor in a 1-1 container?

 Someone who can see YOU, Your Genius, and Your Business Expansion Path?

If so, you're in a right place!

Join me for a 3-month wide ride of 

Unpacking Your Soul Genius,

Creating Your Highly-Transformational Programs,

Expanding Your Online Outreach, 

Releasing the Self-defeating Programs,

and Attracting Your STAR CLIENTS

Are you ready to break through the limitations of where you are now in your business?

Are you ready to EXPAND your online reach and touch the hearts of star clients ?

Are you ready to unlock your STAR leadership in the marketplace?

Are you ready to double, triple, quadruple your business income?

Are you ready to sell your services -everyday with ease?

Are you ready to find your marketing groove?

Aligned with how you're designed?

Many lives can be changed, including your own.  


I'm an Intuitive Business Mentor and Client Attraction Specialist for talented coaches, online service providers, and personal brands/Influencers. 

I connect you to your multifaceted Genius so that you can realize your higher purpose through creating and launching online programs and coaching services that can activate and fascinate your Star clients.

My “Active Intuition” method is a potent tool for visionaries, intuitives, and transformational entrepreneurs to release the Inferiority complex, step into Soul/Self Leadership, and realize their most ambitious business dreams.

 No! It's not MAGIC!

It starts with Clarity, Alignment, and Focused Client Attraction 

Activate Your Genius

This is a deeply personal Voyage through your Gene Keys and Human Design. 

Activate Your Genius allows you to understand your prime gifts, encoded message, and your mutative influential energies that you can bring to the market place. 

With Activations i, ii, and iii, we bring your influential energies to the forefront of your business. 

This is an advanced method of self-leadership for prolific creators who can't continue living and creating from mediocrity.

Active Intuition 

No million-dollar marketing strategy can actually work if you're not in alignment with the right mindset and energy set.

Active Intuitionis a major part of my business coaching where you can tune into where you're not aligned to your intentions; what self-limiting structure is repeating itself, and how you can pass through this structure through release techniques.

Focused Client Attraction

Are you ready to build a robust online brand as a coach or a solution provider without spending so much time on social media? 

This is possible with activating content and being in places where your Star clients hang out. 

Content alone is not enough to build your Star brand: We use relevancy as well as intimacy to bring in your Star clients that are ready for your work and pay you handsomely for your services!

Ready to work together?

I handpick my Rising Stars to make sure our Geniuses can create real results together. 

It all starts with a quick application.

I will review your application and If I see alignment, I will contact for a resonance call.